Cotswold Arts Through Schools

As you know, over the last 2 years or biennial show, Sculpture at Kingham Lodge, has been working in schools, restocking art cupboards, training teachers and providing art experiences:- revolutionising art in some of our local primary schools. Children have grown in self-confidence, become more engaged in their studies and shown improved mental well-being.

To find out more about how CATS will work please follow the link attached Cotswolds Arts Through Schools Appeal

We want to build on this by expanding into more schools and offering music, drama, dance and oracy, all lacking in primary education but fundamental to a full education. To this end we have linked with other local arts organisations to create CATS (Cotswolds Arts Through Schools).

Cotswolds Arts Through Schools is launching a crowd funding campaign on

If you, or somebody or a charitable trust you know, can make a larger donation, that may be best done off the crowd-funding site so please contact me first (01608 658226).

Please tick to add Gift Aid where possible. The maximum pledge available from the Council is £15,000 and the more we can show public support the better our chance is of getting the maximum.

Please circulate as widely as possible to friends and family.

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Thank you for your support.

Christopher Stockwell

Trustee, Cotswold Arts Through Schools

01608 658226