2021 Festival Entries

Thank you for entering the 2021 Chipping Norton Music Festival

The safety of the festival participants is our priority, we therefore ask you to confirm that you understand the terms of our online Codes of Conduct and that you agree to adhere to these guidelines. You will be sent an email to acknowledge this after entering

Code of Conduct for Video Entries:-

  1. Before videos are uploaded to YouTube they will be viewed by members of the festival committee to ensure that they comply with the YouTube Guidelines for Child Safety.
  2. Links to videos for each class will only be distributed to the adjudicator and the class participants. Links MUST NOT be shared or emailed.
  3. Videos will be deleted from YouTube by the festival committee no more than 2 days after each class.
  4. The Chipping Norton Music Festival 2021 YouTube Channel will be deleted at the end of the festival.
  5. No Videos of performances will be available to view on our own website cnmf.org.uk

Code of Conduct for Zoom Adjudication Sessions:-

  1. Links to the Zoom adjudication sessions will be sent to the class participants only. Links MUST NOT be shared or emailed. If you would like other members of your family, or your teacher to join the session please send us their name and email details and we will send them joining links. Our email address is entries@cnmf.org.uk
  2. When you join the session you will be put into a virtual waiting room before being admitted to the session. Please note that we will only admit those who have been sent a link by us. We will identify and admit participants to the Zoom session by entrant name only – so please make sure that your Zoom screen name is changed to the NAME OF THE ENTRANT. Instructions are at the end of this email.
  3. Recording or taking screen shots of the Zoom session is strictly forbidden.

Please see the link to our safeguarding policy CHIPPING NORTON MUSIC FESTIVAL (cnmf.org.uk)

To change your Zoom screen name: -

  • Click on the "Rename" button that will appear after you click on the "More >" button.
  • Enter your new name in the "New Screen Name" field

In order to make festival entry more manageable for organisers, teachers and parents, many festivals across the country have introduced an online entry and payment system. Over the past five years Run My Festival has been developed specifically for festivals and for this reason we have decided to use it to provide a secure online entry and payment system for our festival community. Online payment can be made using bank transfer BACS or by cheque.

Once you have registered with Run My Festival you will be able to enter other festivals that also use the online system with the same log in’s and passwords.

Everyone entering the festival this year must use Run My Festival to make their entries. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding this or if you have problems using it.

To enter please use this link to Run My Festival where you can register and fill out an online application.

Enter Online

If you are unable to use the online system then you can download and print an entry form here. Entry Form

Key Dates

  • Monday 11th January 2021
    Opening date for entries for 2021 Festival
  • Monday 8th February 2021
    Closing date for entries
  • Monday 15th February 2021
    Video Entries, Music and Scripts must submitted by today
  • Saturday 6th March 2021
    Festival opens with Junior and Senior Choirs
  • Sunday 7th March 2021
    Classical Guitar Classes
  • Monday 8th March 2021
    Woodwind & Brass Classes
  • Wednesday 10th March 2021
    Strings Classes
  • Friday 12th March 2021
    Piano Classes
  • Saturday 13th March 2021
    Piano Classes continue
  • Tuesday 16th March 2021
    Speech & Drama Classes
  • Friday 19th March 2021
    Senior Vocal Classes
  • Saturday 20th March 2021
    Festival ends with Junior Vocal Classes