Video, Music Score and Script Deadlines

Dear Entrants

Thank you for your entry into this years Online Music Festival - we are so pleased that you have taken the time and trouble to enter and we are having great fun previewing some of your videos.

For those of you that have not sent them in we urgently need your data.

The deadlines for receiving your videos, music and scripts is fast approaching with the following deadline dates:

  1. 21st February - for Guitar, Woodwind and Brass classes.
  2. 23rd February - for Strings classes.
  3. 25th February - for Piano classes
  4. 26th February - for Speech and Drama classes
  5. 27th February - for Junior and Senior Vocal classes.

It is important that to ensure we attach the correct videos to the correct entrants, your video files, music and scripts are named correctly as per the syllabus requirements.

  • Each video, music score or script should use the following format:
  • Acknowledgement Number-Entrants First and Last Name-Class Number
  • e.g. CNMF28008-Samuel Smith-9

We have received over 300 entries, so you can imagine collating these to the correct entries is a major task for the team - we would like to thank you for your help in making the process efficient and accurate.

If you have already sent in your video, music or script then thank you for being so prompt and please ignore this email.