Friends Subscription

How do Friends help the Festival?

The Festival is a registered charity, run by an elected committee of volunteers who give their time freely but the cost of putting on the festival, hire of premises, hire of a high quality grand piano, fees for professional adjudicators, printing etc. are constantly growing. The costs are funded, in part, by the money from entry fees and entrance tickets. To supplement this, the success of the Festival is also dependent on sponsorship, grants and the generosity of the Friends. The support of the Friends, both practically and financially, is therefore crucial to ensure the continuance of this fine, long-standing Festival and the fulfilment of its aims.

We recommend an annual charge of £30 for a single adult and £50 for a joint subscription. Other amounts can be donated as shown on the panel to the right. Your subscription will automatically renew each year.

What are the benefits of being a Friend of The Chipping Norton Music Festival?

  1. Advance information about events
  2. Priority booking for concerts
  3. Complimentary Festival Programme
  4. Complimentary Festival Pass giving admittance to all Festival Classes
  5. Complimentary ticket for the Festival Concert
  6. A newsletter in the autumn
  7. An invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  8. The right to vote at the AGM
  9. The satisfaction of helping to ensure the continuance and development of the Festival.